Northern Hills Church

“The mountains and the hills before You shall break forth into singing.”

– Isaiah 55:12 (ESV)

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Nestled in the hills of Wellington’s northern suburbs, Northern Hills Church is a place of hope, love, and fellowship where all are welcome. We celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, resurrection, and approaching return.


10AM every Sunday at 48 Amesbury Drive, Churton Park, Wellington.

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Do you have questions?

Who is God and what is his plan? Who is Jesus and what did he do? What does salvation mean? Why go to church? How do you pray? Why is there pain and suffering in the world? It’s okay to ask questions.

Occasionally, we may publicise our answer to your question as part of the Ask The Elders campaign. No need to worry, however! You will be kept anonymous.


Be informed and inspired

Listen to sermons and read materials from our seminars. The Northern Hills team is dedicated to providing online content for the enjoyment of God.

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