Take Your Stand

If you don’t believe in the devil, step out and serve God and you’ll soon meet him.

Jesus had various personal encounters with the devil and casting out demons was an everyday part of his life. And yet, many people either don’t believe in the devil or are oblivious to his tactics. He wants you defeated and unproductive.

It might not sound pleasant or what you want to hear, but the reality is you are in a war that has raged for thousands of years against an enemy you can’t see, and the moment you became a Christian you had a target put on your head. The devil wants to keep you in the dark so you don’t consider the war that rages around you.

But more than that, he definitely doesn’t want you to know that you are in God’s eyes a mighty warrior with weapons that can destroy him. If you continually fall into temptation and can’t seem to break things that hold you down spiritually, then you need to discover the techniques to fight back. We are not called to be passive Christians. We are called to resist the devil, and deal a blow to his plans.  Learn the techniques, put them into practice and live in victory!